Thursday, May 20, 2010


Welcome to Quilt Magic, the blog! With our first entry, we'd like to introduce who we are and tell you a bit about the company. We (Michael & Kim) started up Quilt Magic in 1996. We enjoyed working together as a husband & wife team and found this new idea to be a great combination of Kim's love for quilting and Michael's creative entrepreneurship! We started out running Quilt Magic out of our garage but quickly outgrew this.

A year later, Michael built a new shop that they're currently operating in, just a hundred feet from their home. (nice commute to work!)

The new shop helps to keep up with the fast paced journey that Quilt Magic has taken us on.

It seems this Internet world is always finding a way to keep people connected...which is great. There are so many exciting things happening right now with Quilt Magic so we thought this would be a great place to keep everyone in the loop.

Please stop in and see what is new. We will be hosting fun "block of the month" parties, giveaways, and would like to hear from all of our happy customers.

Thanks for stopping by!

Michael & Kim